Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

The application of new technologies in integrated pest management represents an important step. The development and assessment of spray application methods has many benefits. Coupled to this is the use of forecasting models and decision support software to allow accurate and timely spray applications. The use of geographic information systems (GIS) in combination with machine learning has also yielded important results.


  • Integrated Pest Management Group
  • Spray Application Group

Projects list

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New Projects
  • Replacing or modifying the Unrath model for optimal spraying in high density orchards, by using the principles of the MABO-dosing model. (A McLeod and P Rebel)
Current Projects
  • Evaluating an ascospore release forecasting model and orchard disease monitoring methods for improving apple scab management. (A McLeod)
  • Integration of GIS and spatial analysis with monitoring data of major pests for the purposes of area-wide management. (P Addison and F Bekker)