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Precision Agriculture

    The development and application of new technology in the industry are vital. Aspects such as the development of more efficient spray application and evaluation methods are central to pest and disease control. Coupled with this is the use of artificial intelligence and advanced analytical methods. Current

    research addresses a number of these issues and new technologies are emerging. The integration of industry data into an industry-wide database is an example of this.

    Expertise: Integrated Pest Management Group | Spray Application Group | Database Group


    Research team

    • Dr Pia Addison
    • Dr Gideon van Zyl
    • Dr Francois Bekker
    • Mr Quintus Deacon – MSc student

    Projects list

    • Investigating spray application efficacy of the South African pome fruit industry using in field residue comparisons. (P Rebel)
    • Evaluation of spray application techniques on pome and stone fruit trees for improved spray deposition parameters for the control of late season red spider mite. (G van Zyl) [Abstract]
    • Evaluating the influence of drape netting on spray deposition and disease control in apple orchards using apple scab as a model pathogen. (G van Zyl) [Abstract]
    • Artificial intelligence for managing economic fruit pest efficiently (P Addison, F Bekker and Q Deacon) [Abstract]
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    • Hortgro Technical Symposium Day 2 – 7 June 2022
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