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Hortgro Science is the research engine of the South African deciduous fruit farming industry.

The research that we fund focuses on generating new knowledge, technologies or practices that are required to mitigate, avoid or overcome threats and risks and to exploit opportunities.
Our primary objective is to keep South African pome and stone fruit growers internationally competitive and economically sustainable.

Science Team

Hugh Campbell
Hugh Campbell
General Manager
021 870 2945
Wiehann Steyn
Prof Wiehann Steyn
Assistant General Manager and Crop Production Programme Manager
021 870 2948
Matthew Addison
Matthew Addison
Crop Protection Programme Manager
021 870 2953
Anita van Staden
Research Administrator
079 509 8651
Thea van Zyl
Events Coordinator
021 870 2900
Elise Marie
Elise-Marie Steenkamp
Group Communications Manager
021 870 2950
Marno 2
Marno van der Westhuizen
Research Implementation Manager
021 870 2900
Dr Xolani Siboza
Regional Fruit Production Researcher
081 796 5822
Terence Asia
Crop Protection Technical Assistant

(positioned at Stellenbosch University)

021 882 9164
Grethe Bestbier
021 870 2900
Staff seconded to Stellenbosch University
  • Dr Ken Pringle (5/8 appointment) – Department of Conservation Ecology and Entomology
  • Dr Shelley Johnson — Department of Conservation Ecology and Entomology
Chair in Applied Pre-harvest Deciduous Fruit Research at Stellenbosch University
  • Prof Karen Theron
Contract positions funded through research projects
  • Laura Allderman – Dormancy projects
  • Dr Marelize De Villiers – False Codling Moth projects