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Pre-and-Post-Harvest Pathology

    The plant pathology research programme continues to address several important industry issues. Ongoing research on the incidence and distribution of fungal pathogens in young trees is highly relevant, and research was completed on the integrated management of apple scab and post-harvest rots. Apple replant disease and various aspects of post-harvest pathology, including the development of alternative fungicides, are also receiving attention.

    Expertise: Phytosanitary and Biosecurity Workgroup | Integrated Pest Management Group


    Research team

    • Prof Lizél Mostert
    • Prof Adele McLeod
    • Dr Pieter Louw
    • Mr Tristan Dorfling
    • Dr Yolanda Petersen
    • Pof Adriaan van Niekerk
    • Mr Anton Boeksma – MSc student
    • Ms Reshika Kallideen – PhD student
    • Ms Anika Keuck – MSc student
    • Ms Rochelle Janse van Rensburg – PhD student

    Projects list

    • The potential of organic amendment for managing apple replant disease (A McLeod and A Broeksma)
    • Etiology of crown gall of apple in South Africa and potential for biocontrol (Y Petersen)
    • Evaluating the potential of hyperspectral imaging for remote detection of plum marbling viroid infested nursery and young orchard trees (A van Niekerk)
    • Compilation of a photographic compendium of deciduous fruit diseases in a South African context (I Crouch)
    • Evaluation of apple rootstocks tolerance against specific apple replant disease (SARD) (T Dorfling and A McLeod) - See Rootstocks and nursery tree quality
    • Determining the risk of mulches in the spread of canker pathogens in apple orchards (L Mostert, V Jacobs and R Kallideen)
    • Tolerance of apple rootstocks against Phytophthora root rot (A McLeod and L Moyo) - See Rootstocks and nursery tree quality
    • Effect of mulching, compost and rootstock genotype on white root rot of apple (A McLeod and A Keuck) - See Rootstocks and nursery tree quality
    • The effect of organic amendments on the severity of apple replant diseases in subsequent apple orchard replantings. (A McLeod)
    • Characterisation of the association of apple stem pitting virus (ASPV) with pear stony pit disease. (R Bester) [Abstract]
    • Evaluating an ascospore release forecasting model and orchard disease monitoring methods for improving apple scab management. (A McLeod) [Abstract]
    • Identification of inoculum sources of oomycetes, a major contributor to apple replant disease, and the management thereof. (A McLeod, M Nyoni and S Moein) [Abstract]
    • The role of stress factors in predisposing plum trees to invasion by bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae. (T Coutinho, K Bophela and M Modiba) [Abstract]
    • Screening apple rootstocks for tolerance to Phytophthora crown rot. (A Vermeulen) [Abstract]
    • Langkloof Seminar – 24 November 2021
    • Hortgro Technical Symposium Day 2 – 7 June 2022
    • Hortgro Technical Symposium Day 3 – 8 June 2022
    • Langkloof Seminar – 23 November 2022
    • Hortgro Pome Fruit Research Showcase – 6 June 2023
    • Hortgro Stone Fruit Research Showcase – 7 June 2023


    Research team

    • Dr Cheryl Lennox
    • Dr Julia Meitz-Hopkins
    • Dr Pieter Louw
    • Dr Zinash Belay
    • Dr Ian Crouch
    • Ms Inge Block – MSc student

    Projects list

    • No new projects.
    • Postharvest mould of pome fruit stems and calyx sepals – an investigation into the incidence, cause and management (C Lennox & I Block)
    • Compilation of a photographic compendium of deciduous fruit diseases in a South African context (I Crouch)
    • Atmospheric cold plasma (CP) treatment as an alternative non-thermal fruit surface decontamination (Z Belay)
    • Thermal and non-thermal treatments of stone and pome fruit: Towards efficient phytosanitary measures (Z Belay)
    • Continued pursuit of sanitiser products for potential use in the apple and pear industry. (P Louw)


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