Plant Pathology

Plant Pathology

The plant pathology research addresses a number of important issues, namely apple replant disease, the role of stress factors in bacterial diseases, and base line surveys to determine which fungi are infecting trees.


  • Integrated Pest Management Group

Projects list

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New Projects
  • Survey of stem canker pathogens on stone fruit propagation material and young stone fruit trees. (L Mostert and R van der Merwe)
  • The role of stress factors in predisposing plum trees to invasion by bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae. (T Coutinho, K Bophela and K Takalani)
Current Projects
  • Management of apple replant disease using phosphonates. (A McLeod and M Nyoni)
  • Survey of stem cankers and dieback symptoms of young apple trees and possible inoculum sources. (L Mostert, M Havenga and G Gatsi)
  • Screening apple rootstocks for tolerance to Phytophthora crown rot. (A Vermeulen)