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Orchard Floor Ecology

    Research on soil health and orchard floor ecology remains an emerging theme in agriculture. Current research is focused on cover crops and mulches and their effects on soils, soil biota and fruit production. Research of the effects on plant diversity in cover crops and its effects on soil biology is complete as is research on the host status of cover crop plant species for plant parasitic nematodes.

    Expertise: Integrated Pest Management Group | Soil Health Workgroup

    Research team

    • Dr Charlene Janion-Scheepers
    • Mr Matthew Addison
    • Ms Ansuli Theron – MSc student
    • Mr Abdul Jacobs – MSc student

    Projects list

    • Conduct a GAP analysis of regenerative agriculture (including orchard floor ecology and soil fertility) research needs in the deciduous fruit industry. (A Kleinert)
    • Soil health in orchards; the role of Collembola as key indicators. (C Janion-Scheepers)
    • Integrated use of organic mulches in pome fruit orchards in the South Western Cape, South Africa. (M F Addison)
    • Orchard floor management and soil health in deciduous fruit orchards (M Addison and A Theron) [Abstract]
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    • Hortgro Technical Symposium Day 2 – 7 June 2022
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