Research in this theme is aimed at understanding the progression of dormancy under mild winter conditions. We also study dormancy release in order to potentially identify new, safer rest breaking chemicals — Dr Xolani Siboza is currently busy with field evaluation of potential new rest breaking programmes that were based on lab work by Dr Esmé Louw and Laura Allderman. There is great anticipation regarding the new project of Dr Esmé Louw on the impact of insufficient winter chill on apple fruit quality. The results of this study may provide pointers on how tree maturity variation can be reduced by various technologies including rootstock choice.


Dormancy Workgroup

Projects list

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New Projects
  • Quantifying the impact of insufficient winter chill on apple fruit quality.
    (E Louw and A van Lingen)
Current Projects
  • Physiological dynamics of dormancy in apple buds grown in areas with insufficient cold. (E Louw, J Colling and M Inamahoro)
  • Investigating the effects of different autumn temperatures on endodormancy progression. (E Louw and L Allderman)
  • Evaluate rest breaking programmes for warm winter regions. (X Siboza)
Completed Projects
  • Using the shoot assay to screen combinations and sequential application of existing and possible new rest breaking agents in apples. (E Louw and L Allderman)
Report Due 2018
  • Determining the dormancy progression of commercial apple cultivars and clones available to the South African fruit industry. (E Louw and L Allderman)