Reproductive Biology

Reproductive Biology

Research in this field is aimed at obtaining regular high yields of good quality fruit. The research is mostly applied and in recent years, the work done by Prof Karen Theron has provided us with a mechanical thinning option for stone fruit that considerably saves time and cost. Prof Theron has also evaluated a very promising chemical stone fruit option that is awaiting registration.


Reproductive Biology Workgroup

Projects list

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Completed Projects
  • Evaluate the use of NAA and Ethephon to increase return bloom in apples and pears. (X Siboza)
  • Evaluation of apple thinning programmes. (X Siboza)
  • Chemical thinning of pears. (X Siboza)
Reports Due 2018
  • Carbon partitioning in low chill peach cultivars: the impact on yield in summer rainfall areas of South Africa. (N Taylor and S Oosthuizen)