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    The research conducted within this theme aims to gain insight into the progression of dormancy under mild winter conditions and the impact of insufficient winter chill on fruit production. Dormancy release is also studied to potentially identify new and safer…

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    Rootstocks and Nursery Tree Quality

      Finding more precocious and productive rootstocks adapted to South African conditions is integral to our orchard of the future vision. For this reason, various pome and stone fruit rootstocks are evaluated in an increasing number of industry trials in commercial…

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      Growing Season Climate

        South Africa, together with Brazil are of the “serious” pome fruit producers that have production areas closest to the equator. This means higher summer temperatures and generally, altogether more plant stress and fruit downgraded for processing compared to our major…

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        Reproductive Biology

          Research in this field is aimed at obtaining regular high yields of good quality fruit. Hence, projects tend to investigate flower initiation, pollination, fruit set, fruit thinning and alternate bearing. The research is mostly applied and in recent years provided…

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          Farming Technology

            Research in this theme focuses on orchard mechanisation and technology drivers such as big data, remote sensing, robotics, and GIS that will all contribute to changing the way we produce our fruit in our orchards of the future. EXPERTISE: FARMING…

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            Irrigation and Nutrition

              Water availability was identified as one of the top five risks facing our industry in the future. The Western and Eastern Cape provinces are water scarce; climate change is driving a drying trend and competition for water is increasing. The…

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