Storage Techniques

Storage Techniques

Non-chemical scald control is a major focus of storage technologies. A positive result is the 10-month control of superficial scald using repeated low oxygen stress (RLOS). Storage technologies for Abate Fetel are still a work in progress, and further refinements are still required. A new project focusses on the extended storage of Cripps’ Pink in conjunction with SmartFreshSM treatment.


  • DPA Focus Group
  • CA and Postharvest Group

Projects list

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New Projects
  • To investigate different step down cooling regimes, utilised in conjunction with SmartFreshSM, to reduce the risk of internal browning of Cripps’ Pink apples and provide year round supply of good quality fruit. (D Viljoen and H Tayler)
  • Optimisation of RLOS protocol for superficial scald prevention on Packham’s Triumph pears. (A Botes)
Current Projects
  • Determine optimum storage conditions for Abate Fetel pears. (A Botes)
Completed Projects
  • Non-chemical storage technologies for apple and pear superficial scald prevention. (A Botes and T Kawhena)
  • Alternatives for the use of DPA: Critical minimum DCA storage exposure periods followed by RA and CA storage to inhibit superficial scald on Packham’s Triumph pears. (A Botes)
  • Extended cold storage of Abate Fetel pears for EU market. (D Viljoen)