Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality management refers to maintaining quality throughout the logistical chain to the end consumer.

Several of the pome fruit projects were directed at, and funded by, the Forelle Early Market Access (FEMA) programme. As the Forelle FEMA volumes have increased to nearly 50% of the total Forelle exports, the finding that SmartFreshSM can be applied up to 14 days after harvest, and still maintain quality for 12 weeks storage, will assist with operational arrangements. The harvest profile of Cheeky was determined.

With reference to stone fruit, an increase in the temperature tolerance to 3°C for certain cultivars has been recommended. This is only the tolerance allowed, and does not refer to shipping temperatures. Guidelines are now available for optimum cooling and transport temperatures for plums and apricots from areas situated far from cooling facilities/depots.


  • Fruit Eating Quality Workgroup
  • Fruit External Quality Workgroup

Projects list

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Pome Fruit Projects

New Projects

The effect of DPA on fruit quality in pome fruit. (A Botes)

Current Projects
  • The maximum delay in SmartFreshSM application from harvest to room filling for fruit destined for the FEMA programme. (B Pienaar)
  • Quantifying the effect of bag perforations on forced-air cooling cycles and post storage quality of apples. (D Viljoen)
  • The use of HarvistaTM (pre-harvest 1-MCP) application to control superficial scald on Packham’s Triumph pears. (D Viljoen)
Completed Projects
  • Identification of factors involved and control of astringency in pears. (D Viljoen)
  • To determine the minimum flesh firmness that FEMA fruit can be exported without becoming overripe after storage, and to determine the effect of extended storage of FEMA fruit (stock rolling). (D Viljoen)
  • To determine the effect of sugar/ acid ratio and other maturity indices on the eating quality of Forelle pears destined for the FEMA programme as a means of improving the FEMA release criteria. (D Viljoen)

Stone Fruit Projects

New Projects
  • Develop optimum ripening protocols for nectarines and plums arriving too green (skin colour) or too firm in market. (H Viljoen)
Current Projects
  • Revision of temperature tolerance at loading for plums. (A de Kock)
  • Evaluation of the 8mm penetrometer plunger to determine harvest maturity on nectarines. (A de Kock)
Completed Projects
  • Optimum cooling and transport temperatures for plums from areas situated far from cooling facilities/depots. (A de Kock)
  • The effect of temperature from orchard to cold store on apricot quality, specific to areas far away from cold storage facilities. (A de Kock)