Soil Health

Soil Health

Soil health is emerging as a major research theme and is regarded as a fundamental part of sustainable agriculture. The current research projects are aimed at the use of cover crops in orchards to enhance sustainability and resilience. The development of methods to assess and measure soil health in orchards forms a vital component if soils are to be managed in a sustainable fashion.


  • Integrated Pest Management Group
  • Soil Health Workgroup

Projects list

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Current Projects
  • Validation of an enzyme-based soil alteration index for testing soil health in local apple orchard soils. (A Meyer)
  • The effect of different cover crop management practices on the soil and performance of apple trees. (J Fourie and C Kapp)
  • Nematode community structure and function as a bio-indicator of the effects of soil amendments on soil health in deciduous fruit orchards. (S Storey and C Kapp) – see Nematology