Market Access

Market Access

These projects are usually pre-emptive measures to deal with future anticipated problems. The carbon calculator has become a necessity to be able to do business in major export markets. The development of the VapourMate treatment as a post-harvest fumigant for the phytosanitary pest, grain chinch bug, holds great promise. DPA cross-contamination is posing a potential problem to EU markets.

ExperiCo and the DPA working group have done sterling work in trying to persuade the EU standing committee to retain the DPA MRL at 0,1 ppm. A decision is pending in 2019. Should the EU market become a cold steri market for plums, a solution for dual temperature varieties has been developed at single temperature in conjunction with SmartFreshSM.

Projects list

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Current Projects
  • Confronting Climate Change (A Blignaut)
  • CATTS and ethyl formate fumigation as post-harvest phytosanitary treatments for stone and pome fruit and associated phytosanitary insect pests. (S Johnson and R Smit) – see Phytosanitary
Completed Projects
  • Assessment of accumulative DPA residues throughout storage and packing facilities. (D Viljoen)
  • Utilisation of SmartFreshSM and/or pre-ripening to enable successful shipping of dual-temperature regime plums at a single temperature of 0.55°C for 24 days for cold-sterilisation purposes. (H Viljoen)