Research Programme – Postharvest

Postharvest Programme

Postharvest supports and enhances the processes throughout the supply-chain which are critical to ensuring that intrinsic product integrity is maintained, and that a quality product is available to the end-consumer in local and distant global markets. Post-harvest covers producers, packhouses, marketing co-ordination, logistics and shipping, receivers or wholesalers and end consumers.

The Postharvest Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) provides inputs into the gap analysis to ensure that problematic issues are incorporated for potential research projects. They then allocate priorities to the items listed. This has now been broadened to include the newly formed industry Store It Post-harvest group.

At the behest of the TAC, an Eating Quality Workgroup and an External Quality Workgroup have been formed under the guidance of Prof’s Wiehann Steyn and Karen Theron. The newly appointed Hortgro Science Assistant General Manager, Wiehann Steyn, will be taking Post-harvest Programme Management under his wing with the impending retirement of the current incumbent at the end of 2018.

Additional workgroups are formed as and when needed, for instance, the DPA Work Group was formed in 2008 to look at strategies to mitigate the potential loss of DPA to EU, which occurred in 2013.

Richard Hurndall, Postharvest programme manager