Research Programme – Crop Production

Crop Production Programme

The research within the Crop Production Programme addresses current problems experienced by fruit growers, but is also future-directed—research has a long lead time and it is important to now already build the capacity and conduct the research for the solutions that we will need in the future.

Currently, our priorities are rootstocks, plant quality, water and climate-related research.

The Crop Production research programme is structured into six themes:

Research strategy for each theme is determined by a workgroup (a workgroup per theme) consisting of fruit growers, technical advisors and researchers. When considering research strategy, the workgroups always keep in mind the changes we need to make to our orchards to remain internationally competitive as well as profitable. They also consider the major future risks, as identified within the overarching research strategy, which may jeopardise our profitability.

Wiehann Steyn, Crop Production programme manager