Beyond the farm gate: FruitLook gives the big picture

FruitLook is an online tool that helps growers improve yields and save resources by helping growers monitor their crops and optimising their irrigation protocols. One in every ten producers said they use almost a third less water due to FruitLook technology.

By Jorisna Bonthuys


The face of agriculture and natural resource management is changing with satellites […]

HORTGRO Science Technical Symposium 2016 – summary

With five days, 55 speakers, 28 sponsors and exhibitors, and more than 711 people attending six events – records were yet again shattered at the annual HORTGRO Science Technical Symposium that took place at Allée Bleue, Groot Drakenstein, during the first week of June this year.

The symposium themed ‘Increasing Efficiency along the Value Chain’ […]

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    ‘Tryctor’ among nominees for $150 000 Africa innovation prize

‘Tryctor’ among nominees for $150 000 Africa innovation prize

Smart solutions for farmers and dynamic power initiatives have emerged strongly in the African Innovation Foundation’s (AIF) innovation prize for Africa 2016, with two SA nominees featured.

Smart solutions for farmers included the “Tryctor” – a mini tractor modelled on a motorcycle – developed by Olufemi Odeleye from Nigeria. By attaching various farming implements to […]

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Trellised, Spindle Orchard spraying – can we go faster?

By Marius Ras

Pome & Stone Fruit orchard structures have changed rapidly over the past two decades, changing from the historical open vase systems to the more recent central leader structures. Lately the advancement to trellised spindle type systems has taken the tree structure to a stage where the depth of the tree has decreased […]

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    EU opens €13 000 ‘Farming by Satellite’ Prize for 2016

EU opens €13 000 ‘Farming by Satellite’ Prize for 2016

Students and young farmers across Europe and Africa are invited once again to enter a major competition about how to use satellite technology in agriculture to improve efficiency and to reduce environmental impact.

The €13 000 ‘Farming by Satellite Prize’ is an initiative of the European GNSS Agency and the European Environment Agency. It is […]

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Era van die ‘slimboer’ en sy speelgoed is hier

Die Google Glass-bril is ontwerp om nuus, boodskappe en oproepe deur ’n projektor op die brilraam te vertoon. Verbeel jou plaaswerkers wat danksy die inligting wat hul glasbril vertoon, besluit watter bloeisels of vruggies om uit te dun.
 Verbeel jou plaaswerkers wat danksy die inligting wat hul Google Glass-bril hulle voer, besluit watter bloeisels of […]

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    Thomas Babl – “The use of technology to optimise production.”

Thomas Babl – “The use of technology to optimise production.”

Simondium stone fruit grower, Thomas Babl, explained the pros and cons of using technology to improve orchard management, at the WCARF Research Workshop that was held at Elsenburg on 10 March 2015. Babl, an engineer by training, is one of the first Western Cape growers who invested in platforms. He shares lessons learned and other experiences. The lecture is […]

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Solutions in Nature

“Future gains in orchard productivity and production efficiency will require profound advances to the practical control of flowering, fruiting and crop load control in apple orchards,” this was the message from Dr Stuart Tustin, from the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Limited.
“Setting the crop load is the most critical element of orchard […]

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