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March 2018 Timely Hints for stone fruit producers – Click here
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September 2017 – Timely Hints for stone fruit


for stone fruit production

There are few things as exciting as seeing fruit orchards in full bloom. We experience equal parts excitement and concern as we do not know what the season may bring. But let us not fret. It is much better to focus on that which can be managed.

This month we […]

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    Game of Fruit 2017: Stone field day showcases latest tech, reinforces basics

Game of Fruit 2017: Stone field day showcases latest tech, reinforces basics

The HORTGRO Science Technical Symposium stonefruit field day introduced growers to the latest technological and industry developments while also reinforcing key fruit production strategies and knowledge.

Game of Fruit 2017 kicked off early on Monday morning at Scheepersrust farm near Montagu where Johan Esterhuizen farms a variety of stonefruit cultivars. Esterhuizen kicked off the day’s […]

Ring nematode in Stone Fruit Rootstocks

– Susceptibility tested


Ring nematode (Criconemoides xenoplax) is a big headache for South African stone fruit growers. This nematode species, which is indigenous and very common in stone fruit orchards, is regarded as a major pest. The presence of high numbers of ring nematode is also a lead factor in the development of ‘peach tree […]

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VIDEOS: Principles of fruit production

Emerging fruit growers gained access to valuable knowledge on the principles of fruit production in the at the HORTGRO Science Technical Symposium 2016 which took place in June at Allee Bleue wine estate in Simondium.

The first day of the symposium was aimed at growers who were new to the deciduous fruit industry. This event […]

Medflies don’t mind dry conditions, study shows

Stellenbosch – A drying trend in the Western Cape could spell problems for stone and pome fruit producers in the region, as recent findings suggest that the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitus capitata) can tolerate dry conditions.

The Medfly is one of the world’s most destructive agricultural pests with a high reproductive potential and whose female […]

The Effects of Heat Waves on plums

Quality management of plums following heat waves during the harvesting season
By Arrie de Kock

The primary fruit quality aspects to be managed during heat waves are sunburn, internal heat damage, gel breakdown, over-ripeness and shrivel.

Growing conditions and cultivars

Heat damage is most likely to occur on plums following heatwaves
Climate during the growing season plays […]

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Nematodes are microscopic worm-like organisms that attack the roots of plants.  Damaged roots result in a reduced uptake of nutrients and water.


Pome fruit is primarily attacked by root-lesion and dagger nematodes.  Root-knot nematodes, which cause the characteristic galls on roots, do not attack pome fruit.  Due to the absence of these galls it is […]

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