Progress report: Orchard of the Future

Wiehann Steyn, Xolani Sibosa, and Dane McDonald

Nearly seven years ago HORTGRO Science challenged the apple industry through its Orchard of the Future (OoF) project. The project encouraged orchard designs that were novel, ‘outside of the box’, and pushed the limits of conventional fruit production systems. The goals were to inspire industry to utilise more […]

Ring nematode in Stone Fruit Rootstocks

– Susceptibility tested


Ring nematode (Criconemoides xenoplax) is a big headache for South African stone fruit growers. This nematode species, which is indigenous and very common in stone fruit orchards, is regarded as a major pest. The presence of high numbers of ring nematode is also a lead factor in the development of ‘peach tree […]

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Progress on Geneva® rootstocks in SA

Apple rootstocks currently available to the SA apple industry have various shortcomings. Disadvantages include excess vigour, low yield efficiency, lack of precocity, poor adaptability, and high susceptibility to pests and diseases. Recent studies have found some of the Geneva® rootstocks to be significantly more yield efficient and precocious than standard rootstocks.

HORTGRO Science currently has […]

Stone Fruit Field Day 2015 – Overhex, Worcester

More than 150 stone fruit growers gathered on the farm Oudewagendrift, near Worcester, for the annual Stone Fruit Field Day held in June this year.

This year the field day, organised by local agri-consultant, Charl Stander, took the form of a workshop followed by orchard walks. Three topics were discussed by different experts in the […]


In Suid-Afrika word tans 1310 ha dessert perskes, 8124 ha taaipitperskes en 1417 ha nektariens verbou (OABS, 2004). Verbouingsareas kom wyd verspreid voor veral in die WesKaap, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Noordwes Provinsie en die Vrystaat maar ook in die ander provinsies. Uit die aard van die saak word perskes dus verbou onder ’n wye reeks […]

New Rootstock for Pears


Profitable fruit production requires early, sustained production/ha of high quality fruit. The popular South African rootstocks, BP1 and BP3 tend to be too vigorous for modern high density orchards and dwarfing, precocious rootstocks are required. A rootstock demonstration trial, consisting of a single row of ‘Forelle’ on four pear [BP1, Pyrodwarf™ (PD), OHF217, […]

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