Prophyta and Hortgro Science Short Course 2018

This six-day short course, which takes place on 13, 14, 15 and 27, 28, 29 August, is designed to provide an understanding of the horticultural processes of tree growth and development, scientific irrigation management, nutrition and the execution of good soil health and soil science practices.

The goal is the production of high tonnages of top […]

Beyond the farm gate: FruitLook gives the big picture

FruitLook is an online tool that helps growers improve yields and save resources by helping growers monitor their crops and optimising their irrigation protocols. One in every ten producers said they use almost a third less water due to FruitLook technology.

By Jorisna Bonthuys


The face of agriculture and natural resource management is changing with satellites […]

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    Thrips control: Culmination of a 34 year career for Dr Allsopp

Thrips control: Culmination of a 34 year career for Dr Allsopp

As one enters Dr Elleunorah Allsopp’s office one enters a space which manages to find a balance between a busy energy and a systematic neatness.

She is on the phone speaking to a farmer or it could be a fellow researcher, and I can make out that the person on the other end is describing […]

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HORTGRO Science launches Tech Book

The Tech Book has been launched in conjunction with the HORTGRO Science 15/16′ annual report. Hugh Campbell, HORTGRO Science General Manager, said the objective of the Tech Book was to package what has been published in the South African Fruit Journal the previous year (2015). Growers now have access to all relevant articles in […]

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