Game of Fruit 2017: Fruit Farming 101 highlights

Fruit Farming 101 was aimed at new entrants to the deciduous fruit industry and was well attended by eager delegates. The overarching theme for 2017 was crop protection with a special focus on Integrated Pest Management.

HORTGRO Science GM Hugh Campbell has welcomed delegates to #fruitfarming101 for new entrants to the deciduous industry #techsymposium17— HORTGRO […]

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    New Whatsapp™ Insect ID Service launched by IPM Initiative

New Whatsapp™ Insect ID Service launched by IPM Initiative

By Janina von Diest & Dane McDonald

Stellenbosch – The IPM Initiative at Stellenbosch University has launched an Insect ID Service to help growers and industry players identify unknown pests in the field.

The IPM Initiative, which serves as a link between academic and agricultural industry environments and functions as a teaching and research platform for IPM […]

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Invasive wasps ‘stinging’ farmworker morale

Two invasive wasp species are putting a stinger in farmworker morale in the Western Cape.

“It’s not good for worker morale when you get stung by [these] things when doing your job,” says the South African National Biodiversity Institute’s (Sanbi) invasive wasp specialist, Dr Ruan Veldtman.

The paper wasp (Polistes dominula) and the German wasp (Vespula […]

Crop Protection Seminar 2015

About 128 people attended the annual HORTGRO Science Crop Protection Seminar that was held in Stellenbosch last week. The seminar attracted role players from as far afield as Durban, the Eastern Cape and Gauteng. Matthew Addison, Hortgro Science Crop Protection Manager, said seminars like these are invaluable for the industry. “Not only do role […]

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A ‘Mitey’ Journey – Controlling Mites in SA

It is dawn in an Overberg apple orchard. A lonely figure goes forth – armed with a “camelback” that
rhythmically sloshes as he walks. At his side hangs a small bag with Energy bars and a palm computer.
He also has some small bottles and a magnifying glass around his neck, in case he finds something […]


Thrips, a small insect, can cause damage to apples, making them unsuitable for export. Find full brochure on this subject HERE: 22._thrips_-_apples




Botrytis cinerea causes three types of postharvest decay on pears, viz. (i) calyx-end decay, (ii) fruit stalk decay and (iii) wound decay. Of these, wound decay is the most predominant type of decay. Each type of decay takes place via a characteristic infection pathway.The control of each type of decay therefore requires a different […]


K.L. Pringle & J.M. Heunis. Fruitgro Science seconded to the Department of Conservation Ecology & Entomology, Faculty of AgriSciences, University of Stellenbosch.


During the spring to early summer of 2011 the African bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera, was very active and caused a lot of damage in a number of deciduous fruit orchards. In this article the […]

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