Soil heath under spotlight

By Jorisna Bonthuys

Stellenbosch – Soil health has come under the spotlight at the 1st Annual Soil Health Day held in Stellenbosch on 20 October 2016.

Experts in the field focused on how healthy soils, rich in biological diversity, could help support food security and agricultural practices. A Soil Health Analyses approach was considered crucial to help […]

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Trellised, Spindle Orchard spraying – can we go faster?

By Marius Ras

Pome & Stone Fruit orchard structures have changed rapidly over the past two decades, changing from the historical open vase systems to the more recent central leader structures. Lately the advancement to trellised spindle type systems has taken the tree structure to a stage where the depth of the tree has decreased […]

Besproeiingsriglyne vir watertekorte

Droogtes noodsaak dat elke druppel water so spaarsaam en doeltreffend as moontlik gebruik word. Die grootste waterbesparings kan vroeg en laat in die seisoen gemaak word.

Die beginsel is om water tydens die seldelingsfase, naamlik bot tot 40 dae na blom by kernvrugte of bot tot end pitverharding by steenvrugte, te spaar omdat die boom […]

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A ‘Mitey’ Journey – Controlling Mites in SA

It is dawn in an Overberg apple orchard. A lonely figure goes forth – armed with a “camelback” that
rhythmically sloshes as he walks. At his side hangs a small bag with Energy bars and a palm computer.
He also has some small bottles and a magnifying glass around his neck, in case he finds something […]


Rosellinia necatrix is the causal agent of white root rot disease of apple and pear trees in South Africa, and is highly destructive in nurseries as well as in mature orchards.Find full brochure here: 18._rosellinia_root_rot


The removal of excess flowers or fruitlets by chemicals is an important tool to achieve regular crops of the desired size and quality specifications. Chemical thinning is often referred to as “an art rather than a science”. It must be accepted that aggressive chemical thinning programs can lead to over-thinning from time to time, […]

Apple Tree Management in South Africa

Densities for apples appear to have stabilised at around 1500 trees/ha. The
predominant system currently used is a tree with a single central leader and fruiting
branches directly situated on the leader. The tree is similar to the “Solaxe”, but is
unique in the sense that its evolution is the result of an improved understanding of
the reaction […]

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