Crop Protection Seminar 2015

About 128 people attended the annual HORTGRO Science Crop Protection Seminar that was held in Stellenbosch last week. The seminar attracted role players from as far afield as Durban, the Eastern Cape and Gauteng. Matthew Addison, Hortgro Science Crop Protection Manager, said seminars like these are invaluable for the industry. “Not only do role […]

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Identification of bitter pit in apples?

What causes bitter pit? Most of the research in this area attributes bitter pit to a lack of sufficient Ca (calcium) (2; 1), but there are reports indicating the probability that bitter pit is due to excess Ca in the cell (8). A deficiency in Ca in the fruit can be due to cultural […]

Example of Apple Core Rot

Find document here: apple_core_rot


Botrytis cinerea causes three types of postharvest decay on pears, viz. (i) calyx-end decay, (ii) fruit stalk decay and (iii) wound decay. Of these, wound decay is the most predominant type of decay. Each type of decay takes place via a characteristic infection pathway.The control of each type of decay therefore requires a different […]

Pre- and post-harvest management of bitter pit on apples

There is an ongoing need to utilise management practices that create a balance
in orchards such that the effects of the many interacting internal and external
factors that contribute to bitter pit are minimised. (Wooldridge, 2001)
This article summarises the main pre- and post-harvest management factors that
can be manipulated in order to reduce the risk of bitter […]


Rosellinia necatrix is the causal agent of white root rot disease of apple and pear trees in South Africa, and is highly destructive in nurseries as well as in mature orchards.Find full brochure here: 18._rosellinia_root_rot


K.L. Pringle & J.M. Heunis. Fruitgro Science seconded to the Department of Conservation Ecology & Entomology, Faculty of AgriSciences, University of Stellenbosch.


During the spring to early summer of 2011 the African bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera, was very active and caused a lot of damage in a number of deciduous fruit orchards. In this article the […]

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