Carbon Tax: How will it work?

Carbon Tax: How will it work? by Dane McDonald on Scribd

The ‘Net Gain’ amid water & climate challenges

By Prof Wiehann Steyn

This blog article, probably not surprisingly, is about water and climate. Research in the Crop Production programme is aimed at achieving the goals and address risks to the Orchard of the Future. At the 2016 HORTGRO Science symposium, attendees scored water availability and climate change as the greatest future risks that […]

A bug’s life… and climate change

Could climate change favour growers by impacting on pests? UK researchers found that increased temperatures led to fewer offspring for some bugs. However, it is not necessarily a rosy picture…










We investigated: A bug’s life … in a warmer climate

It is not only fruit growers that struggle with survival in a warmer world.  Our bug friends […]

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