Calcium and boron mix makes a good sunblock for ‘Golden Delicious’ apples

Sunburn damage to “Golden Delicious” apples can be curbed by spraying trees with a mixture of
calcium and boron. This advice from Dr Elmi Lötze and Dr Lynn Hoffman of the Department of
Horticultural Science at Stellenbosch University is published in a new article in the Journal of
Horticultural Science & Biotechnology. They found that such sun damage can be halved by spraying
apple trees after full bloom with this mineral rich nutrition combination.Because of South Africa’s
hot climate, losses of apple fruit due to sunburn damage can be very high among susceptible
cultivars. In particular, 20% of ‘Golden Delicious’ and up to 40% of ‘Granny Smith’ appels can
generally not be exported due to sunburn. This is much higher than is the case for other apple
producing regions such as the USA.

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