Our purpose is to direct and guide research to address short and long term needs of the deciduous fruit industry.

Hence our focal areas are the following:

  •  Institute effective and efficient management systems.
  • Access and develop new funding sources.
  • Facilitate the development of people to create the required capacity to meet the needs of the industry now and in the future.
  • Institute an effective system of transferring information and results of research back to the growers and other funders of research.

Our guiding principles are:

  • To transform the current process from a research push to an industry pull process.
  • To do research that will underpin the industry’s move from production led to market led.
  • To transform current process from a project based to a programme based approach.
  • To increase flexibility and integration across institutes nationally and internationally, and to stimulate innovation/creativity.
  • Facilitate and activate actions to speed up the transfer of technology to new entrants and activate processes to transform the profile of researchers and technical participants in the industry.

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