December Timely Hints for Stone Fruit

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Hortgro Science Awards Researchers

Every year Hortgro Science awards the top researchers in the industry at its Researcher Thank You Breakfast. This year’s accolades went to Dr Antoinette Malan, Dr Elke Crouch, Dr Shelley Johnson and Prof Karen Theron. The Hortgro Science/Daan Strydom Award for Best Student in Horticulture 2017 went to CP van der Merwe.

Hortgro Science Research […]

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    Controlled Atmosphere Storage and Post Harvest Group Meeting

Controlled Atmosphere Storage and Post Harvest Group Meeting

The Controlled Atmosphere Storage and Post Harvest Group met on Tuesday 7 November 2017 at Olive Grove, Infruitec, Stellenbosch.

View the presentations shared on the day here:

Abate Fetel Project Feedback — Anel Botes, ARC
Dynamic Pressure Regulation and Ethylene management — Lucie Nouaillac, Absoger
Postharvest Strategies for Extending Storage Life — Andrew Brink, Gas at Site
The Hands-free Water Solution […]

November Timely Hints for Stone Fruit

November Timely Hints – Click here

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Travelling East, Down Under and to hell and gone…

Words by Wiehann Steyn

I recently had the opportunity to spend a week in each of Japan, Australia and Ethiopia.  The XIII International Plant Bioregulator Symposium held in Chiba near Tokyo was very well attended by South Africans.  This should come as no surprise considering the dependency of our industries on plant bioregulators for everything […]

Monitoring Bactrocera Dorsalis

Status of Bactrocera dorsalis:

Bactrocera dorsalis (Oriental Fruit Fly) is a quarantine pest of Asian origin capable of infesting various commercial fruit crops (400 recorded hosts). It was previously described as the Invader fruit fly (Bactrocera invadens).
It is now found in 65 countries and in most sub-Saharan countries.

In South Africa, the official pest status is […]

October Timely Hints for stone fruit

October Timely Hints 2017 – Download the PDF.

Oktober Tydige Wenke 2017 – Laai die PDF af.


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    False Codling Moth Control Guidelines for Peaches and Nectarines

False Codling Moth Control Guidelines for Peaches and Nectarines

Thaumatotibia leucotreta also known as false codling moth or ‘valskodlingmot’ is a phytosanitary pest which is indigenous to Africa. It has an extremely wide host range, including 24 commercial and 52 wild host plants.

This document provides necessary guidelines and information regarding False Codling Moth. Download the pdf here.

Irrigation Seminar Summary Report

HORTGRO Science recently held an Irrigation Seminar at Allée Bleue in Groot Drakenstein. The seminar was held to address the current drought conditions in the Western Cape, and to provide producers with coping strategies.

To view all the complete presentations, visit our YouTube channel here.

Or download the Irrigation Seminar Summary Report here.


September 2017 – Timely Hints for stone fruit


for stone fruit production

There are few things as exciting as seeing fruit orchards in full bloom. We experience equal parts excitement and concern as we do not know what the season may bring. But let us not fret. It is much better to focus on that which can be managed.

This month we […]

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