2018 Document Archive

April/ May

Steyn W, Langkloofboordstap en seminaar, Desember 2017
Johnson S, Setting the CATTS among the pests (Post-Harvest Innovation Programme)
Crouch E, Can mealiness be nipped in the bud (Post-Harvest Innovation Programme)
Jooste M, What breaks a plum’s heart (Post-Harvest Innovation Programme)


February/ March

James M, Malan A, Addison P. Can local natural enemies control the Mediterranean fruit fly?
Steyn W, McDonald D. M9 not a ‘weak’ rootstock, studies show
Steyn W. Travelling East, Down Under and to hell and gone…

December/ January

Johnson S. Phytosanitary Measures Research Group meeting 2017
Van Zyl SA. Impact of selected orchard spray application technologies and tree phenology on deposition properties on the leaf and fruit surfaces of apple trees
Viljoen H, De Kock VA. Fine-tuning the determination of optimum harvest maturity of cold stored African Delight® plums
Lennox C, Den Breeyen A, Meitz-Hopkins J. Management of postharvest diseases of apples using appropriate methods: A South African Perspective
Clarke K. Fungicides from the soil (Post-Harvest Innovation Programme)
Johnson S. Vapormate® sends grain chinch bug packing (Post-Harvest Innovation Programme)

2017 Document Archive

October/ November

Wessels BA, Linde CC, Fourie PH, Lennox C, Mostert L. New insights into the population dynamics and fungicide resistance of Botrytis cinerea in pear orchards
Lötze E, Van Zyl FJ, Taylor NJ. White root growth dynamics of bearing apple trees in the Elgin area
Wilson I. Fine-tuning fungicide application: A new perspective on the control of post-harvest decay in stone fruit
De Kock A. Technology transfer goes online (Post-Harvest Innovation Programme)
Viljoen H. Smart solution to plum conundrum (Post-Harvest Innovation Programme)
Botes A. In-depth solution to superficial scald (Post-Harvest Innovation Programme)

August/ September

Hortgro Science Technical Symposium — Game of Fruit Article Collection
Crouch I. A ‘Cheeky®’ pear to bridge the gap!
Theron K. Moisture maketh the nectarine (Post-Harvest Innovation Programme)
Ferreira S. The hunt for Botrytis cinerea (Post-Harvest Innovation Programme)
Bouwer K. How to fit in more fruit (Post-Harvest Innovation Programme)

June/ July

McDonald D. Orchards of the future
Steyn W. Growing Fruit IQ — The net gain
Theron K, Steenkamp H, Lötze G, Reynolds S, Steyn W. A new chemical thinner for plums on the horizon
Addison M. IPM still going strong after 30 years
Bonthuys J. Beyond the farm gate: FruitLook shows the big picture
Human T. Turkish pears in the spotlight
Stassen P, Malan A. Host status and sensitivity of commercial stone fruit rootstocks to ring nematodes
Hurndall R. ISHS VIII International Post-Harvest Symposium in Cartagena, Spain

April/ May

Industry players share concerns in Hortgro Risk Assessment
Hurndall R. Packhouse Action Group makes its mark
Baard N. Area Wide IPM programmes work, analysis shows
Kotze W, Steyn W, Siboza X. Does foliar sucrose application increase fruit set in Packham’s Triumph pears?
McDonald D. Interpoma 2016 highlights: The apple in the world
McDonald D. Thrips Control: Culmination of a 34-year entomology career for Dr Elleunorah Allsopp 
McDonald D. Langkloof seminar tackles climate change
Crouch I. Eliminating astringency’s bite (Post-Harvest Innovation Programme)
Wilson I. Come out, come out, wherever you are! (Post-Harvest Innovation Programme)

February/ March

USDA Expert: There’s a Plan B to handle apple replant disease
Crop Production Final Report Summaries
Weten om te groein: HORTGRO EU visit 2016
FruitLook: Support for Farmers
Growing Fruit IQ blog: Propagating change
Interpoma 2016: Knowledge & Science – key to fruit producers in the future
Interpear 2016: The pear revolution
Duvenhage E. Apple replant disease under spotlight
Bonthuys J, Soil: The true wealth of farmers

December/ January

Bonthuys J. Be fire wise
Bonthuys J. FruitLook offers bigger picture
McDonald D. SA-India collaboration to take biological pest control to next level
McDonald D. The ‘how and why’of biological control of mites in the Ceres region
Pringle KL, Heunis JM. Mites with special reference to pears
Horstmann C, Van der Merwe L, Steyn L, Badenes M, Tobutt K. Marker-assisted selection of apricot seedlings for Plum Pox Virus resistance at ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij
Hugo HJ. Susceptibility of commercial stone fruit rootstocks to ring nematode (Criconemoides xenoplax)


Midgley SJE, Boonzaaier J, Vermeulen M. The benefits of using certified, virus tested, true-to-type plant material
Bonthuys J. Fruitlook – Satellites aid irrigation on fruit farms
Theron K, Kirstein D, Steyn W. Are handheld bloom thinners a viable option to thin apple trees?
McDonald D. Insect-killing fungi could soon be added to growers’ toolbox
McDonald D. Spanish lessons for South African fruit growers


HORTGRO Science Technical Symposium coverage (Part I)
HORTGRO Science Technical Symposium coverage (Part II)
Bonthuys J. Fruitlook saves you money
Addison M. International fruit fly symposium feedback
McDonald D. Better fruit fly surveillance needed in Africa
McDonald D. Invasive wasps and farmworkers


Duvenhage E. Going green: A necessity not an option
Steyn W, Theron K, Voight F, Ungerer F. Nursery Trees: When it is not the nurseryman’s fault
Midgley S. SmartAgri: A climate change response plan for the Western Cape
Bonthuys J. Fruitlook: Season for change – brave new world of fruit farming
Louw E, Steyn W, Cook N, Allderman L, Calitz F, Jacobs G. Chronic sleep disorders in apple trees lead to rude awakenings
Steyn W. Growing fruit IQ: Pome fruit rootstocks for Africa


Van Der Merwe G. Harvesting systems and labourer platforms as a tool for the fruit farmer
Booi S, Smith C, Labuschagne I, Koopman T. First stone fruit harvest at an Emerging Farm, Stutterheim, Eastern Cape
Veldtman R. Small farms benefit significantly from a few extra pollinators…
Beerwinkel E. Robertson skole kry groot skenking vir boekwurms
Duvenhage E. Prof Linus Opara: In service of industry
Kriel G. Nematodes might play a role in plum tree deaths
Hurndall R. Growing Fruit IQ – CA & Postharvest Group rises again
Bonthuys J. FruitLook technology assists farmers
Steenkamp E. Emerging Growers hit Europe
Kriel G. Dieback of plum trees – it isn’t a new problem
Steyn W. Change, the only constant
Bonthuys J. Plum Shrivelling
Bonthuys J. A river runs through…


Bonthuys J. Unravelling the Broken Stone Mystery
Bonthuys J. Fruit safety and local water quality: do they mix?
Beerwinkel E. SU Chancellor Award for Theron
Duvenhage E. Boere moet werk maak van NEMBA
Addison M. Growing Fruit IQ column – Crop protection
Die Langkloofinligtingsdag
Booi S, Smith C, Koopman T, Mbangu B, Labuschagne I. Low-chill apple selections show promise in the Eastern Cape
Mostert L, Ferreira J, Van Zyl F, Havenga M. What is the phytosanitary status of nursery trees?
Van Der Merwe G. Harvesting systems and labourer platforms as a tool for the fruit farmer: what the research showed us? [2]


Vrystaat appel simposium lok rekordgetal
Van Der Merwe G. Harvesting systems and labourer platforms as a tool for the fruit farmer: what the research showed us?
Theron K, Steyn W. What are the physiological characteristics of a good nursery tree?
Soeker M. Streamlining the ARC’s Phase 2 evaluation programme for pome fruit
Duvenhage E. Vrugteman verruil navorsing vir kamera
Dzikiti S. How thirsty is your apple orchard?
HORTGRO Science Researchers – Meet two researchers from Experico
Steyn W. Growing Fruit IQ column – The importance of research
Duvenhage E. Being more specific about apples
Addison M. HORTGRO Science Crop Protection Seminar September 2015