June Timely Hints

June 2018 Timely Hints for stone fruit producers – Click here
Junie 2018 Tydige Wenke vir steenvrugprodusente – Kliek hier

Prophyta and Hortgro Science Short Course 2018

This six-day short course, which takes place on 13, 14, 15 and 27, 28, 29 August, is designed to provide an understanding of the horticultural processes of tree growth and development, scientific irrigation management, nutrition and the execution of good soil health and soil science practices.

The goal is the production of high tonnages of top […]

Hortgro Science Annual Report 2016/17

Do you want to know what research is taking place in the pome and stone fruit industry?  Get a birds-eye view of the different programmes and who is doing the research. If you want to delve deeper, read the abstracts of our 116 projects or see how the research process works or who sits on […]

September 2017 – Timely Hints for stone fruit


for stone fruit production

There are few things as exciting as seeing fruit orchards in full bloom. We experience equal parts excitement and concern as we do not know what the season may bring. But let us not fret. It is much better to focus on that which can be managed.

This month we […]

Tydige Wenke vir Steenvrugte in September 2017

September Tydige Wenke* vir ons steenvrugprodusente

 Daar is min dinge so opwindend soos om vrugteboorde in volblom te sien. Vir die produsent is dit terselfdertyd ‘n tyd vol opwinding, maar ook kommer – kommer omdat ons nie weet wat die seisoen gaan bring nie. Maar laat ons positief wees en eerder fokus op dié dinge wat […]

August Timely Hints for stone fruit production 2017

The SASPA endorsed stonefruit Timely Hints enters its second annual cycle this August. HORTGRO Science has received valuable feedback over the last year from growers and technical advisors alike. The technical grower guideline document has evolved to become an indispensable aid to farm managers and particularly new growers. In the new annual cycle the […]

July Timely Hints for stone fruit production

July Timely Hints by Dane McDonald on Scribd

Julie Tydige Wenke by Dane McDonald on Scribd

Beyond the farm gate: FruitLook gives the big picture

FruitLook is an online tool that helps growers improve yields and save resources by helping growers monitor their crops and optimising their irrigation protocols. One in every ten producers said they use almost a third less water due to FruitLook technology.

By Jorisna Bonthuys


The face of agriculture and natural resource management is changing with satellites […]

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    Measuring the competitive performance of the South African stone fruit industry value chain

Measuring the competitive performance of the South African stone fruit industry value chain

The aim of the study is to enquire about the global competitive performance of the South African stone fruit industry for the period 1961 – 2012. A  five-step analytical framework was applied, using approaches by Balassa (revealed comparative advantage, RCA), Vollrath (relative trade advantage, RTA) and the Porter Diamond Model, together with statistical methods […]

February Timely Hints for stone fruit production

In the February edition of Timely Hints our experts focus on the following season specific topics:

Soil conditioning
Precision sampling methods/agriculture
 Harvesting tips
Pest and disease control

Timely Hints – February

In die Februarie uitgawe van Tydige Wenke focus ons tegniese kenners op die volgende seisoen spesifieke onderwerpe:

Presisie monsterneming metodes en presisielandbou
Plaag en siektebeheer

Tydige Wenke – Februarie by Dane McDonald on Scribd

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