Progress report: Orchard of the Future

Wiehann Steyn, Xolani Sibosa, and Dane McDonald

Nearly seven years ago HORTGRO Science challenged the apple industry through its Orchard of the Future (OoF) project. The project encouraged orchard designs that were novel, ‘outside of the box’, and pushed the limits of conventional fruit production systems. The goals were to inspire industry to utilise more […]

The ‘Net Gain’ amid water & climate challenges

By Prof Wiehann Steyn

This blog article, probably not surprisingly, is about water and climate. Research in the Crop Production programme is aimed at achieving the goals and address risks to the Orchard of the Future. At the 2016 HORTGRO Science symposium, attendees scored water availability and climate change as the greatest future risks that […]

Flaring beauty introduced

A beautiful new red pear stole the show earlier this month when it was officially introduced to the industry. Meet the Dpp1 (also known as Flare) red blush variety with excellent characteristics.



A new beauty in the blush pear family was recently introduced to the industry. The deep red-coloured pear currently known as Dpp1 is […]

HORTGRO-funded researcher selected as AAS affiliate

Stellenbosch – Stellenbosch University nematologist Dr Nomakholwa Stokwe can look forward to a boost to her academic career after being selected as an affiliate of The African Academy of Sciences (AAS).

“It’s an honour and I feel that it is a big thing considering the support that the AAS promised to provide. I think it […]

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    Thrips control: Culmination of a 34 year career for Dr Allsopp

Thrips control: Culmination of a 34 year career for Dr Allsopp

As one enters Dr Elleunorah Allsopp’s office one enters a space which manages to find a balance between a busy energy and a systematic neatness.

She is on the phone speaking to a farmer or it could be a fellow researcher, and I can make out that the person on the other end is describing […]

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Tree Hog enters production as water shortage bites

Stellenbosch – Deciduous fruit growers could benefit from a novel water saving device which is set to revolutionise irrigation in the fruit production sector amid water shortages.

The SA government’s Water and Sanitation Department in February said that the country was operating under drought conditions and the situation was expected to continue for at least […]

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HORTGRO Science takes its spot in new ‘Research Hub’

Stellenbosch – HORTGRO Science has launched its new office space with an emphasis on strengthening alliances with Stellenbosch University and industry partners.

On Wednesday 22 February the organisation celebrated its ‘roof wetting’ at its new spot as a long-term tenant in the Wintergrain Building at Stellenbosch University’s Welgevallen experimental farms.

HORTGRO Science General Manager Hugh Campbell […]

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HORTGRO Science launches Tech Book

The Tech Book has been launched in conjunction with the HORTGRO Science 15/16′ annual report. Hugh Campbell, HORTGRO Science General Manager, said the objective of the Tech Book was to package what has been published in the South African Fruit Journal the previous year (2015). Growers now have access to all relevant articles in […]

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    Insect-killing fungi could soon be added to growers’ toolbox

Insect-killing fungi could soon be added to growers’ toolbox

By Dane McDonald

THE constant battle against orchard pests means that the fruit grower can never have enough tools in his pest control toolbox.

In less five years another tool is likely to go mainstream for fruit producers if research and the rigorous trial testing phases are successful, according to Stellenbosch University insect biological control researcher […]

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Crop Production Programme completed projects 2016

As the project cycle winds up for 2016, the HORTGRO Science team of researchers for the Crop Production Programme have submitted their final reports. The invaluable findings of the latter represent a significant return on investment (ROI) for our growers. The projects seemed to have covered a range of divergent topics.  However, looking at the bigger […]

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