September 2017 – Timely Hints for stone fruit


for stone fruit production

There are few things as exciting as seeing fruit orchards in full bloom. We experience equal parts excitement and concern as we do not know what the season may bring. But let us not fret. It is much better to focus on that which can be managed.

This month we […]

Tydige Wenke vir Steenvrugte in September 2017

September Tydige Wenke* vir ons steenvrugprodusente

 Daar is min dinge so opwindend soos om vrugteboorde in volblom te sien. Vir die produsent is dit terselfdertyd ‘n tyd vol opwinding, maar ook kommer – kommer omdat ons nie weet wat die seisoen gaan bring nie. Maar laat ons positief wees en eerder fokus op dié dinge wat […]

August Timely Hints for stone fruit production 2017

The SASPA endorsed stonefruit Timely Hints enters its second annual cycle this August. HORTGRO Science has received valuable feedback over the last year from growers and technical advisors alike. The technical grower guideline document has evolved to become an indispensable aid to farm managers and particularly new growers. In the new annual cycle the […]

July Timely Hints for stone fruit production

July Timely Hints by Dane McDonald on Scribd

Julie Tydige Wenke by Dane McDonald on Scribd

PUBLICATION: Game of Fruit 2017 summary report

By Elise-Marie Steenkamp

Not even the worst #CapeStorm in three decades could prevent fruit growers, industry representatives and researchers from attending the annual HORTGRO Science Technical Symposium 2017 which was held from the 5-9 June at Allée Bleue in Simondium.

This year HORTGRO Science hosted 24 sponsors and exhibitors, and more than 640 people during the […]

Deciduous fruit industry signs Bee & Pollination Charter

Franschoek – Deciduous fruit grower bodies falling under the HORTGRO umbrella have signed a Bee & Pollination Charter at the HORTGRO Science Technical Symposium 2017, the charter seeks to address the plight of bees in South Africa.

The initiative comes amid a global concern about honey bee populations which have seen drastic declines and fears […]

Carbon Tax: How will it work?

Carbon Tax: How will it work? by Dane McDonald on Scribd

Pollination Services “Bee” Charter

The Charter seeks to build relationships between Crop Growers, the Crop Protection Industry and Bee Farmers in South Africa.

Download the Bee Charter

Bee Charter by Dane McDonald on Scribd

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    Western Cape declared drought disaster area – implications for FRUIT production

Western Cape declared drought disaster area – implications for FRUIT production

Bellville – The Western Cape has officially been declared a disaster area in response to the current drought crisis, described as the worst in more than a century.

The disaster will be classified for a three-month period which can be extended if the need arises.

Theewaterskloof Dam (Photo credit: Alistair Stewart, Twitter @AliStewart89)
HORTGRO Science Crop Production […]

A `Cheeky®’ pear to bridge the gap!

Author: Ian Crouch, Experico

`Cheeky®’, a new blushed pear cultivar, may be the answer to maintaining a continual supply of South African export bi-colour pears, says Experico’s Dr Ian Crouch.

`Rosemarie’ and `Flamingo’ historically establish the South African bi-colour pear export market in week 8, followed by `Forelle’ from week 20. A typical consumer doesn’t differentiate […]

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