Prophyta and Hortgro Science Short Course 2018

This six-day short course, which takes place on 13, 14, 15 and 27, 28, 29 August, is designed to provide an understanding of the horticultural processes of tree growth and development, scientific irrigation management, nutrition and the execution of good soil health and soil science practices.

The goal is the production of high tonnages of top […]

Carbon Tax: How will it work?

Carbon Tax: How will it work? by Dane McDonald on Scribd

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    Western Cape declared drought disaster area – implications for FRUIT production

Western Cape declared drought disaster area – implications for FRUIT production

Bellville – The Western Cape has officially been declared a disaster area in response to the current drought crisis, described as the worst in more than a century.

The disaster will be classified for a three-month period which can be extended if the need arises.

Theewaterskloof Dam (Photo credit: Alistair Stewart, Twitter @AliStewart89)
HORTGRO Science Crop Production […]

A bug’s life… and climate change

Could climate change favour growers by impacting on pests? UK researchers found that increased temperatures led to fewer offspring for some bugs. However, it is not necessarily a rosy picture…










We investigated: A bug’s life … in a warmer climate

It is not only fruit growers that struggle with survival in a warmer world.  Our bug friends […]

Sustainable Energy Consumption & Production (free) training

SWITCH Africa Green Training

Read more about the project below:

SWITCH Africa Green SA Agriculture Waste Management Summary

HORTGRO Science Langkloof seminar tackles climate change

Stellenbosch – Deciduous fruit producers in the Langkloof are at the forefront of the shift to fruit production under hail nets.

The annual HORTGRO Science Langkloof seminar took place on December 5 2016 with a strong focus on climate change and potential strategies to mitigate impacts.

Climate Change researcher, Prof Stephanie Midgely, shared with growers her […]

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